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Rattan Laundry Hamper

The rattan laundry hamper is perfect for the clothesainer or those who love to golean. The bankrupt? ler is also an ideal place to keep your clothes while you dry them. The rattan laundry hamper comes with a liner bag and handle storage for your convenience. You can also add your own handle or handle bag to this great laundry hamper. The rattan laundry hamper is also portable so it can be taken where ever you go.

Natural Rattan Wicker Laundry Chest w/ 3 Drawers Storage Han

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This rattan laundry hamper is a great way to keep your laundry on hand while you're on the go. The hamper has a removable liner bag and a synth- rattan basket. It is made from handwoven fabric and has agrey finish to it. It is perfect for keeping your laundry on hand and on the go.
this is a rattan laundry hamper with a removable liner. The hamper has 100l capacity and comes with handles for safety. It is perfect for stored laundry or to take to work.
this rattan laundry hamper is perfect for anyone who wants to buy a handwoven laundry hamper and add a bit of style and convenience to their home. The hamper has a synthetic rattan basket grey design and is made from quality materials. It is soft and comfortable to use, and comes with a removable bag to keep your laundry organized and in one place.